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Monday, June 29, 2009

Make an Income Selling Your Articles

I never realized you could make an income by writing and selling your articles until I ran across this article on Adsense Secrets. Author, Patsi Krakoff Psy. D, explains how to take one article and make money off of it in a few different ways. She also suggests taking a compliation of your articles, say those you've done on eHow, Bukisa, Associated Content, or other reputable sites, and creating a PDF file to sell on your site. Check out her article below to gain some insight on making money with your articles. It's amazing what she suggests.

5 Ways to Make Money With One Article
by: Patsi Krakoff Psy. D

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  1. Thanks for sharing that:) I'm not very happy with the fact that eHow took out like 8 of my articles.. sigh.

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  3. Hi! This is jenicoe2001 on eHow and jc2009 on mybloglog. Great blog and eHow articles!! : )