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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doing Well On Bukisa!! You Can Make Money Too!!

I've recently decided to write articles on many different sites instead of limiting myself to just one or two. One such site I've been writing for and making money on is Bukisa. Bukisa is a great little site where article earnings are based on how many views you receive. There is not a whole lot of work involved except to get the word out about your articles. You do not need to make a million different friends at Bukisa to make money, nor do you have to have original works (but the articles must be your own). Bukisa allows you to make money on articles you have elsewhere simply by copying and pasting them onto their site and letting them get hits. The more views you get, obviously the more money you stand to make.

I'm doing really well on Bukisa and find it nice that I can take my eHow articles that are earning me lots of money on there and put them onto Bukisa to earn almost just as much. There isn't a lot of fuss when copying and pasting the articles and I can get more earnings out of the articles I write. The only downfall with Bukisa is that you can only write or add 25 articles to their site each day. So if you're looking to add more than 25 day, you may not like Bukisa. Other than that, the money is good and I'm very happy with the views I am receiving. Check it out and sign up if you like.

I'll help you make money anyway I can and you can always feel free to ask me any questions! Thanks a bunch and lots of luck to you.

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