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Friday, March 27, 2009

Make Money With YouData

Here's a great new concept for making money online. It's called YouData and it's a company that actually pays YOU to click on ads, rather than coercing other people to click on your ads for money. First you sign up with a new user name and password. Then you tell a little about yourself by filling out very quick, very easy survey questions. Once your profile is complete, you will be guided to a list of ads that you can click and get paid to review. It's that easy. I just signed up today and already made $5.00 in a matter of 10 minutes. I have a few friends who are doing it that have already gotten paid, so I know it's legit! You really can't beat it. We really need to get the word out though because the more people that sign up, the more money we all stand to make. As the company grows, so will your income. Please follow the link below to check it out. You'll so be glad you did!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Work at Home and Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

I stumbled across a great article about affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate marketer allows you to make money by helping other businesses promote their sites and products. In return for referring customers to business links, you get a commission for your time and energy. Your job is to drive traffic to the links and get readers to click on the links by creating an interesting blog, website, or homepage. The article explains why this is a profitable business and how to get started. The author also offers links for more information.

Step by Step System To Work at Home, Make Money Online

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Get Your Blog Noticed and Make More Money!!

Here's a great article to help you gain more exposure for your blog. If you are using Google AdSense to make money with your blog, this article will definitely help you to get more views. It lists different steps to do for getting your blog noticed. I tried a few and they really work. Let me know what you think!

How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely

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Monday, March 9, 2009

eHow: Easy Writing For Money

I'm doing great on eHow and wanted to share my success. I've been a member since January 2009 and already making $30.00 a month. This may not sound like a lot, but I make more each month than the previous month and writing articles for eHow is easy. My friends on eHow are also making decent money and a few who have more articles are making at least $50-$100 a month. This is a great part time income to start and with the help of others who are making an income of $1,000.00 or more a month, it's easy to see why eHow is so popular. Please feel free to check out these article links for successful eHow money makers, and check out my site as well if you like.

My eHow profile

Helpful article links for eHow members making $500.00 or more a month!

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The Blog Doctor...Helpful Site for Bloggers

Here's a great site for help with your blog. I stumbled across it from a mutual friend and found some really great information for maintaining and updating your blog. Use it to find ways to enhance your blog and tweak it a bit. Hope this helps!

The Blog Doctor

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sell Yourself On Your Blog or Website

If your still looking for ways to make money and just haven't found your niche, consider selling your services by advertising yourself on your blog. Is there something your really good at or have a passion for? What kinds of things would you do if you could quit your job and work at home full time?

If you are already blogging, then chances are, you love to write. Why not sell your writing services to another website or blogger? Many people out there would love to blog, but just don't have the writing ability to create a great blog. Offer your services for a fee. Maybe you love to take pictures...offer to do photography for a price and advertise on your blog.

There are also many sites that pay you to download photos to their site. When someone clicks on your pictures and purchases a photo, you get paid. Advertise your photos in your blog that you sell for a price on a photo site (see resource list below for paid photo sites).

Promote your expertise on your blog. If your great at selling and customer service, tell people about it! Advertise to businesses that you have great social networking skills which could benefit their company. Offer to do referrals for them or link people to their site. Become a part of and (if you aren't already) and place these profiles on your blog to advertise to businesses that you have great connections.

Use your blog to sell something you made on your site. Perhaps you make jewelry, country crafts, or t-shirts. Advertise these items on your blog for extra income. Make your blog your own personal eBay and place pictures of your items on your blog. If this seems like a lot of work, advertise another sites items that you, yourself sell. Say you sell items on eBay, Amazon, or another auction site. Tell people about it by placing pictures of your items and the site's webpage on your blog.

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BidVertiser to Earn More Money With Your Blog

So, you've probably already heard enough about Google Adsense, but have you heard about BidVertiser? BidVertiser gives blog publishers another way to earn some money with their blogs or websites by listing relevant ads on their sites. Similar to Google Adsense, BidVertiser is a pay per click advertising site where you earn money each time someone clicks on an ad in your blog or website. But, unlike Google Adsense, BidVertiser affiliates can get paid to place ads on Ebay, recommend BidVertiser to friends, make referrals, and browse other businesses with relevant ads. For more information click the link below...