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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sell Yourself On Your Blog or Website

If your still looking for ways to make money and just haven't found your niche, consider selling your services by advertising yourself on your blog. Is there something your really good at or have a passion for? What kinds of things would you do if you could quit your job and work at home full time?

If you are already blogging, then chances are, you love to write. Why not sell your writing services to another website or blogger? Many people out there would love to blog, but just don't have the writing ability to create a great blog. Offer your services for a fee. Maybe you love to take pictures...offer to do photography for a price and advertise on your blog.

There are also many sites that pay you to download photos to their site. When someone clicks on your pictures and purchases a photo, you get paid. Advertise your photos in your blog that you sell for a price on a photo site (see resource list below for paid photo sites).

Promote your expertise on your blog. If your great at selling and customer service, tell people about it! Advertise to businesses that you have great social networking skills which could benefit their company. Offer to do referrals for them or link people to their site. Become a part of and (if you aren't already) and place these profiles on your blog to advertise to businesses that you have great connections.

Use your blog to sell something you made on your site. Perhaps you make jewelry, country crafts, or t-shirts. Advertise these items on your blog for extra income. Make your blog your own personal eBay and place pictures of your items on your blog. If this seems like a lot of work, advertise another sites items that you, yourself sell. Say you sell items on eBay, Amazon, or another auction site. Tell people about it by placing pictures of your items and the site's webpage on your blog.

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  1. Thanks for this. I didn't know I enjoyed writing until I started doing it more often. Now, I actually think I'm getting pretty good at it. Maybe I'll rent my writing skills out!

  2. Selling your pictures is a great way to make extra cash. I think if you post a few on your blog that you should have a water mark through them so that they are not just right clicked and copied.