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Friday, July 8, 2011

Make Even More Money Writing Articles for Demand Media

Recently the site known as eHow was taken over by Demand Media. Many of the eHow members were asked if they'd like to sell their articles currently on the site in order to give these articles and the rights to Demand Media. Writers were offered a cash settlement in two monthly payments for their writings. I was one who was asked to do so and I took the cash deal. I made nearly $5,000 on those articles that I sold to Demand Media, which was wonderful for a single mother raising two small children. During this time, I decided to look into the new site known as Demand Media to see what they can offer. I was actually pleasantly surprised!

Through some quick research I found that I could write articles and make $15 for each article I published. That was a big difference from the $500 a month I was previously making on eHow's site. So I decided to try it! Within a few days I wrote three articles just to see what Demand Media was all about. I actually made $45! That got me very excited! The process for setting up an account and being able to write freely is a little tough. You are asked to begin writing only one article at a time, up to three articles in which you submit them and wait for approval from an editor. However, the editor that reviews your articles offers great insight on how to get the article published if it is less than what they expect. You then get a second chance to edit and resubmit the article for publication rather than having it immediately rejected.

The great part about writing for Demand Media is that once your article is approved, you get paid instantly! Unlike eHow where you had to wait a month to receive your cash payment, Demand Media pays you as soon as your article is accepted. Within two days I received money into my Paypal account for the articles I wrote. That is a huge bonus that many writing sites don't offer! If you think you'd be interested in writing for Demand Media, and you should seriously consider it, you can check out their website at

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