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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Using "The Secret" to Get What You Want

Ok, so there is a lot of talk about "The Secret" and using the Law of Attraction to get what you want in life. Is it all real? Actually...yes it is. While I haven't had super financial success like winning the lottery or anything...I have had money come to me when I wish for it and believe wholeheartedly in it.

For example...I was having terrible financial trouble about a month ago when my hours at work were cut temporarily because the census was low (I work at a local hospital as a Discharge Planner Coordinator). This left me with biweekly pays of $350.00. Not nearly enough to pay bills, much less take care of my son (I'm a single parent) or buy us groceries.

So, I began looking at money in a different light. Rather than worry about what I didn't have, I started to think about what I could have if I just believed enough. I had to constantly listen to my own thoughts and make sure my feelings were validating those thoughts. If I was asking for money, I could not be thinking that I didn't have any and feeling sad about it. Instead, I had to believe that I already had it and feel happy as if I did have it.

Now, the next thing that happens is a little strange for me and maybe some of you will think it was just a coincidence, but It's never happened to me ever! I bought some PA scratch off lottery I always do. I brought them home and scratched all, but one (I had bought 10 total). The last ticket I scratched was a $2.00 slot machine type of ticket called "Red, White, and Blue" where you had to get three of the same symbols in a row. I won $400.00 on this ticket! A day later a friend and I decided to go to the casino and I won $325.00. The next day after that, I bought a $10.00 christmas ticket. I won $100.00 on this. In three days, I won a total of $825.00. I have never won anything in my life.

I know this all happened to me because I believed I was a person who attracted wealth. For that week, I felt happy and prosperous and the Law of Attraction brought me what I needed because I asked for it and knew I deserved it.

I'd love to hear if anyone else has had similar experience using "The Secret". I have to admit, when things like bills, work, and my car needing fixed, bring me is difficult to get myself back to this positive state of mind. But just to prove that "The Secret" does work, I've included a photocopy of the ticket I won on. I just had to keep it for my own reminder that good things do happen when you believe enough.

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