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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eHow Article Income...Doing Great!!!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. I have to admit it's been really hard keeping up with this blog along with my other responsibilities at home. However, I wanted to share an update of my income on eHow. So far, I have written 384 articles total. As of last month, I have really started to see amazing income on eHow. I don't really like to give out exact amounts, but I can tell you that I am currently making a steady income of over $200 a month with eHow and that was having 325 articles last month.

I hope this helps anyone who is currently writing for eHow and may feel a bit discouraged. And I hope it helps others who are looking for a way to earn more money online. Do not give up. I totally believe this extra income will turn into a full time job at some point. And, even if it doesn't, that extra money a month has been helping me to pay 2 bills I was struggling to pay before. I expect to receive a little less than $300 this month from eHow.

I have noticed that the more articles I write in a month, the more money I make in that month and it can be a pretty big difference. Also, as long as I write even just 10 new articles a month, my eHow income never goes down. It only climbs up each month. So I am pretty much guaranteed to make what I did the month before and then some. I also have eHow friends that are currently making $500 a month which is great!

Anyone who is interested in writing for eHow or would like to see a few articles (it is totally FREE to join eHow), can follow this link to my eHow profile...


  1. I also write for eHow, but I make nowhere near what you make in a month. My articles are mainly about mathematical topics, sports, and Microsoft Excel.

    My eHow profile can be found at:

  2. Hi fellow eHow writer! I have a long way to go to reach 384 articles, but I'm working on it. Thanks for the inspiration. I like your blog, I'm glad I found it. When you have some free time, visit my blog. Happy writing!